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Friday, May 14, 2010

dearEst SaHabaT*_*

A friend is someone who u think your life would be different if they didn't exist.
A friend is someone who NEVER leaves u out,you are OLWEZ included when u're wif them.
A friend is there for matter what!!~~
inilah kamie..
i think she's da one n only one in dis world..
i do love her damn much..she is my bestest fwenz dat i've never found before..
she has such a luvly smile..
she loves to eat juz like me..hahahahaha
like to force me to eat although i'm not hungry..huhuhu but i like n love it..
she had helped me too much tyme we're 2gether..
ssh senang ak..dye msti bersama aku..
lots of things dat we share..olwez help me even susah n senang..
she likes to help people in need..
she loves to laugh juz like me..
but no one knows dat..too much different between us..
she's an intelligent student..
she olwez gives me advices..too much..almost evryday she does dat..sometimes i'm jz ignore dat...normal la..i'm too stubborn..huhuhu but she's olready know bout it..
but now..i'm really2 mish to
-talk to her..
-to hear her advices..
-go to cafe wif her..
-foya2 wif her..
-study wif her..
really want to 'tarik her hair' hahahahah
really mish it..huuu=((
but like she said to me: 1 day..ko akn aplikasikn ape yg ak ckp b4 ni..bilew bende da tader bwu terase..haha
itulah sahabat aku..bib..=)
too much tyme i spent wif her tyme kat matrix..skunk ak windu sgt kt home i've not too much fwenz..hohoho..
but i'm epi when i'm wif her..
sgt2 rapat..dr 2008 lg..tyme pdt..bilik ktowg juz depan2 je..even ak ade rumet,pape hal ak wat ngn dye gak..
i think no one dat can take her place..very2 nice..sgt2 caring sal aku..
mybe i'm not be the best fwen for her..but i've try da best..
bib..erm...too difficult if wanna make a decision..usually she's depends on me..hahaha
sgt kelakar..ak pon kdg2 wt decision merapu..hukhukhuk cian dye..huhuhu

merenung mase depan..

erm..tyme nk wat keje merapu..juz kol us..hahahhaah
inila keje ktowg..ol our dreams..
SYAMIL??wats dat??hahahaha
juz both of us noe bout it..huhuhu..
same2 la kte doa ek bib..aminn..=)
UTM wannabe..
pspm result juz aroun da corner..
hopefully dat..both of us will get excellent result..
i cant't stop think bout it..huhuhuhu
takot deh..

You are someone so wonderful,
You are my closest friend,
And with this I promise,
To love you till the end.
i'm olwez here 4 u dear..
pape pon jd pasni..dun 4get me..k
keep in touch..syg ko..

◘◘ °°° (\__/) (\_(\° ° ° ◘◘
◘◘ °°° (=’.'=) (=’ :’)° ° ◘◘
◘◘ °°° (”)_(”) (, (’)( ‘)°°◘◘

the candle of hope is the source of light for success in life so..dun loose it..
failures try to blow it out but try
to guard it with both your hands dear..

i hate u!!muahahahaha

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