peNgikut aku YanG taBah..ngeE^_^

Thursday, June 3, 2010

3rd of JunE 2010..(^_^)

erm..fistly k.long wanna wish u 16th epi bufday to abang.(ma little bro)...huhu
no present cz no MONEY..wakaka..;))

I wanNa Wish U:
-GooD LucK in uR stuDy-
-duN diSsapointeD our uMie n Abah-
-maintain NCEM n MACHO ok,..hahahaha-
-bE more maTureD-
-olweZ pRay 4 my suCcess-

p/s:thanx 4 give me borrow ur hp..2 col ma fwen..hahaha 
bufday gift from MAXIS..

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