peNgikut aku YanG taBah..ngeE^_^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

::: i'm juz LikE nOthinG :::

why should dis hppen to me???
am i too annoying??wut i noe juz im not a perfect person n doesnt one in dis world is PERFECT!
everyone hve their own kindliness n badness..

its ol about me...
when moon rises at nite..:'(
tears fill my eyes...
I feel a hole in me...
I feel as sumthing missing...
I feel lonely n I feel soo sad..
There was a tyme..
we were happy n close..
NOW I want you to b here...
I want to again be whole...

The day when you left me alone is the darkest day of my eyes have forgot to smile, face has left glowing, lips are life is just a barren land on which no thing can be produced...Oh my god...why did you do this to me?....??!!

~sumtimes i feel like i'm juz nothing~

~ brighten my life again ~

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