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Monday, March 21, 2011

::: kaDang2 feDuP iTu peRLu :::

DAMMMM!!abes!!mati aku!! diss week will again n again be my emotional week...
dammmm it!! tanak la..tanak tanak!!
today's class was CANCEL...n i think dat it will b POSTPONE to next week!!
juz now, i've planned to go back!! &*(#&#@
oke2..fine!! no need 2 write in such a long sntences..!...
so..hpefully i'll be oke n cn manage myself..

tp still fedup larh!!tyme table adew...but not fully folow... tyme table become iregular!!cm hampassss!!
its better to erase ol of them!!then make a new tyme table!!
so i can plan when i wanna do dis!! n when i wanna do dat!!
which one should i do 1st..which 1 cn do later..?
(bjet cm bgos sgt jew aku neyh..hahaha..but sometymes i need dat to improve myself especially for becoming a better, excellent mhasiswa) ehem3 ^^
insyaallah ^^
unfortunately, i cant blame anyone,lcturers ( but sometymes i feel like dat..haih) or wat so ever larh!!
astaghfirullah ~ i noe la kn,wif the existance of tyme table ow schedule..its not to make people scattered in mess but as a way to help others in managing their tyme...
so now, wut i've get is i'm not dat cndition!!
its very2 USELESS!!  never n never help me even 4 a small small germ!
mood 2 stdy has never come 2 my life since last week...
donno hws to ovrcome it!!HOW??!

p/s: pliss remind me bout the final exm ye kengkawan...its juz aroun da 1st pper will be on 28th of April if im not mistaken..
to ol my coursemate n others who will seat 4 their final,i wanna wish ol of u gud luck n ol da best okeyh! ^_~
praying 4 my success too.thanx :)
rse klaka lak bile tringat zman kecik2 dolu2.. jew nk citew..huhu
*tbe2 je aku neyh...haih..:P

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